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MyThemeShop AdSense Theme Review ⇒ $19 Coupon [March 2018]


You might have heard about the MyThemeShop AdSense theme online. If not, you’ll come to know in our in-depth AdSense Theme Review below.

MyThemeShop has designed & developed several themes that have become popular amongst bloggers around the world within a short span of time. In their popular themes, I have chosen AdSense theme to share my opinions & talk about that theme here in this post.

So without any further delay, let’s start here.

MyThemeShop AdSense Theme


If you’re an AdSense (Google Advertisement) publisher and own a blog that generates you money from AdSense & other alternative ad networks then choosing an AdSense & Ads-Friendly theme would be much profitable & helpful in order to generate more money from your blog through advertising.

To find an AdSense friendly theme for your Advertisement-based blog, MyThemeShop Adsense theme is the perfect solution & theme for the niche.

Here I’m going to share with you some of the basic features of the theme.

AdSense Theme Features

  • Best AdSense & Ads Friendly

Choosing the right theme for Ads is very important in order to fully, easily, quickly & strategically implement advertisement on a blog in order to make more money. AdSense theme by MyThemeShop is a perfect theme that comes with an advanced ads-management system that lets you easily & strategically implement advertisement on your blog to make more money from advertising even without interrupting the users’ activity & browsing.

  • InBuilt Anti Ad Blocker & Detector

Have you ever noticed you’re not even making a cent from few of your blog visitors? You might but you didn’t care about it. Nowadays, everyone is using an Ad Blocker in order to block ads from your blog & use your blog without letting you earn the advertisement revenue.

If you’re not implementing any Ad Blocker Detector on your blog to force users to unblock an ad blocker before exploring your blog then you’re losing most of your revenue right on the table. And even Google has officially launched an Ad Blocker feature in Chrome Browser that lets everyone block certain ads while browsing the web.

Instead of using any third-party sites & WordPress plugins to add Anti-Ad-Blocker & Detector to a blog, MyThemeShop AdSense theme comes with built-in AD Blocker Detector that lets you fully monetize your blog & block users that use Ad Blockers from browsing & surfing your website & blog.

  • Fully Responsive & Professional Looking

The thing that I liked the most about this theme is that the look of this theme is also very fantastic that makes it super amazing & friendly. It is responsive & supported by almost all browsers & its versions. There is nothing to be worried about the responsiveness of this theme.

It comes with all the Clean-Coding & Responsiveness that you might have seen in other MyThemeShop themes.

  • In-Depth Customization

All of the MyThemeShop themes come with in-depth front-end & back-end customization that makes it super easier for you to customize & make the look of your blog according to your needs. Ad Management is also super easy to place ads in multiple places & just by pasting the codes into the Ad spaces.

  • Multiple Layouts & Theme Styles

MyThemeShop AdSense theme comes with many pre-defined layouts & theme styles that let you easily make multiple niches using the same theme such as you can make a Fashion blog, Making Money blog, WooCommerce blog and much more.

MyThemeShop AdSense Theme Coupon Code

Along with the AdSense Theme Review, I have brought forth for you a discount coupon code you can use to get a whooping discount on the AdSense theme and get it for $19 only. (Make sure that you use our deal link and use the coupon code. Also, this offer is available for a limited days only. So act before it gets expired!)

Coupon Code: US2017

If the above coupon is not working then that means it is expired or the time is gone for it. Here’s another coupon you can use to get discount on the theme.

Coupon Code: LimitedTime

Final Words ⇒

AdSense is the best theme that I have ever used on few of my blogs. I’d suggest you leave your reviews & opinions about the theme below in the comment section & also share any coupon if it’s working for the theme right at the time.


MyThemeShop Coupon Code $19 Offer! [Black Friday Deal – 2018]


MyThemeShop has over 150+ products for WordPress including Free & Premium/Pro Themes & Plugins. Most of their premium & pro themes price start at $59 or more than that but don’t worry about their price tags.

Today I have brought forth for you MyThemeShop Coupon Code you can use to get all of their WordPress Premium Themes & Plugins for $19 only instead of their regular price.

What Is A Coupon & Promo Code?


You have probably heard a lot about Coupons, Promo Codes, Vouchers, Discount Deals, Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals and much more. These are the deals that most of the companies offer to their customers in order to make & bring the attention of the customers towards the company.

Like many other companies, same here is with MyThemeShop. Most of the time when you’re purchasing any product from MyThemeShop such as WP Theme or Plugin & checkout it, you will probably notice a Coupon & Promo code box where you can type in the coupon code we have shared with you below to decrease the Theme or Plugin price to $19 instead of its regular price tag of $59-$69.

Is MyThemeShop Legit?

In case you have found some useful Themes & Plugins you want to purchase from MTS, the concern you might have now is that whether or not it is Legit and whether or not you will be spammed?

I have been using MyThemeShop and their themes & plugins for the last few years and I didn’t notice any issue with it. All of their themes can be downloaded after you have successfully paid payments using Credit Cards or PayPal account.

In case you need support for the products you have purchased, the support team is ready 24/7 hours covered you up with all possible technical support.

Finally, here I can say that you’re all safe with MyThemeShop and millions of users & customers trust on it for their top-notch services & you’re going to be one of them, too!

MyThemeShop Coupon Code ($19 Offer)

After all, to get a whopping discount on each & every MyThemeShop themes & plugins, just copy and paste the Coupon below in the Coupon box in the invoice checkout page & the coupon will be applied & the discounted price $19 will show up.

Coupon Code: US2017

How to Use MyThemeShop Coupon Code And How to Get Discount on Themes & Plugins?

The following steps will help you know how to use the coupon & promo code to get a whopping discount on all of the MyThemeShop products including themes & plugins.

  • Open any of the MyThemeShop themes or plugins page.
  • Click on ‘Get it Now’ on the Right sidebar of the theme or plugin.
  • On the next page, click on the ‘Redeem Here‘ & enter the above Coupon Code to get the coupon applied.
  • Once the coupon applied, the theme or plugin price will be discounted to $19 only.
  • Now enjoy & You saved some Dollars!

Final Words ⇒

Kindly guys keep in mind that the Black Friday Deals & the discounts are available on special days so this is not guaranteed that the coupon will work on all the themes & plugins.

Still, we have an alternative coupon you can use to get a little discount on regular price if the above coupon is not working.

Coupon Code: LimitedTime

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Let me know down in the comments if you have any question! For further info, please visit

MyThemeShop Review 2018 [An Unbiased Review & MTS PROs]


mythemeshop-reviewMyThemeShop is one of the leading & probably the standalone Marketplace that thousands of customers trust on. The marketplace is popular for making free & premium SEO-Friendly & High-Quality Themes & Plugins for the open-source & free platform

Today I’m going to share with you an unbiased MyThemeShop Review that whether or not you should purchase WordPress themes & plugins from MTS & whether or not their themes are worth paying.

So without any further delay, let’s start.

What Is MyThemeShop?

MyThemeShop was founded a few years back in 2012 with an aim to provide mediocre-free & high-quality & users-friendly Themes & feature-rich Plugins for the leading CMS named & today millions of users trust on MyThemeShop for making their favorite products for

Before we go any further, we need to share with you some of the features that I know for using MyThemeShop to make it clear why you should be purchasing products from the marketplace.

MyThemeShop Pros:

Here are some pros of the popular marketplace.

  • Customers Trust It

One of the main pros of MyThemeShop is that millions of customers rely on it & trust it. It was a time when the company started with just a few customers but now you will notice millions of users run their businesses on WordPress using the MyThemeShop products including me, too!

  • High-Quality Products

The themes & plugins you will find in the MTS directory whether Free or Premium were made & designed while keeping every SEO & Professional looking optimization in mind. Their themes & plugins are top-notch that come fitted with all the Browsers and devices and look professional with amazing typography & professional-looking layout.

  • Search Engines Optimized

The better a theme is optimized for Search Engines, the better it will help you get ranked higher in the Search Engines such as Google, Bing etc. The MyThemeShop themes come with 100% SEO-Friendliness & optimized for every Search Engines requirements.

  • Compatibility With WordPress

One of the issues bloggers are facing nowadays is using an incompatible product on incompatible WordPress version and at the end, their hard-earned Blog is broken because of the incompatible theme or plugin but this is not the case here with MyThemeShop. All of their themes are tested & compatible with all WordPress versions & third-party plugins.

Let us know if you have any compatibility issue with the MTS theme.

  • Fast Loading

You might know that fast loading web pages are more loved by Google than those that load slowly & this is absolutely True!

The faster your webpage loads, the better bounce rate of it will be & the better it will rank higher in the Search Engines.

I have tested almost few of their popular WordPress themes & they are doing a very great job in the loading speed. They have even excelled in speed than StudioPress popular WP Framework called the Genesis Framework & its child themes [Claimed & Reported by MyThemeShop].

In my upcoming blog posts, I’ll be sharing with you each & every theme’s loading speed & reviews you might want to read about. So, stay tuned!

  • Fast Support

Another thing that I like the most about MyThemeShop is that they provide an amazing support if you have any issue regarding their products & services & who may not if you pay them money & purchase their products.

  • Competitive Price

Have you ever checked the price of WordPress Themes & Plugins in other marketplaces such as ThemeForest etc? Their price tags talks with the Skys & budget-oriented guys cannot purchase from them but apart from the Quality of the MyThemeShop products, they put a very competitive price tag on each of their WordPress products including Themes & Plugins and apart from their regular price tags, you can even use the MyThemeShop Coupon Code (I shared below) to get each & every product for as low as $19 only!

These were a few Pros of MyThemeShop which I shared with you. Now lets jump on to their Themes & Plugins Reviews.

Popular WordPress Themes By MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop has designed & developed a few WordPress themes which got much attention & trust from Users and became popular among others which now we call it Popular WordPress Themes By MyThemeshop.

So without any further delay, let’s go & list them all!

1. Schema

Schema is an ultra SEO-Friendly & Professional looking WP Theme you will find it the most sold product in the MyThemeShop marketplace. The theme comes with a professional-looking layout & design with Ultra-SEO Optimized & fastest loading speed.

The theme comes with Rich Snippet & Rating System built-in feature that lets you easily & quickly add Rich Snippets & Rating System to each & every of your WP Blog Posts and show the rating & rich snippets in the Search Engines.

In case you’re in love with the theme but cannot go ahead and purchase the theme, there you will find Schema Lite theme even for free that comes the same as the Schema Pro version.

2. SociallyViral

SociallyViral is another best-looking theme that is quite-friendly & Social Media Optimized theme that comes with amazing features such as Fast Loading Speed, Professional Looking Layout, Clear & Easy to Read Typography & even the theme is totally optimized for Social Media that helps you easily socialize your entire Blog & get more exposure & bring more audience to your blog from Social Media.

3. MoneyFlow

MoneyFlow is a theme that is built & designed especially for Pro Bloggers that want to take their blog look to a whole next Level!

MoneyFlow is a premium & modern-looking WP theme that every money-earning guy can install on their blogs & run a professional & easily monetizable blog in just no time!

4. Coupon

MyThemeShop not only designs & builds themes just for Blogging but also for some other work & business such as Coupon theme is designed with a special layout & typography that helps you build an amazing & money-making Coupon Sharing Business website on WordPress.

5. JustFit

In case you were looking to build a beautiful Fitness website on WordPress, JustFit theme by MyThemeShop is the unique solution you can use to make a beautiful Fitness website.

Final Words ⇒

MyThemeShop is guys a very great place for you to buy Search Engines Optimized & High-Quality WordPress Themes for your next Blog!

Let me know below in the comments if you have anything you want to share with us & don’t forget sharing this post with your Friends ♥