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MyThemeShop AdSense Theme Review ⇒ $19 Coupon [March 2018]


You might have heard about the MyThemeShop AdSense theme online. If not, you’ll come to know in our in-depth AdSense Theme Review below.

MyThemeShop has designed & developed several themes that have become popular amongst bloggers around the world within a short span of time. In their popular themes, I have chosen AdSense theme to share my opinions & talk about that theme here in this post.

So without any further delay, let’s start here.

MyThemeShop AdSense Theme


If you’re an AdSense (Google Advertisement) publisher and own a blog that generates you money from AdSense & other alternative ad networks then choosing an AdSense & Ads-Friendly theme would be much profitable & helpful in order to generate more money from your blog through advertising.

To find an AdSense friendly theme for your Advertisement-based blog, MyThemeShop Adsense theme is the perfect solution & theme for the niche.

Here I’m going to share with you some of the basic features of the theme.

AdSense Theme Features

  • Best AdSense & Ads Friendly

Choosing the right theme for Ads is very important in order to fully, easily, quickly & strategically implement advertisement on a blog in order to make more money. AdSense theme by MyThemeShop is a perfect theme that comes with an advanced ads-management system that lets you easily & strategically implement advertisement on your blog to make more money from advertising even without interrupting the users’ activity & browsing.

  • InBuilt Anti Ad Blocker & Detector

Have you ever noticed you’re not even making a cent from few of your blog visitors? You might but you didn’t care about it. Nowadays, everyone is using an Ad Blocker in order to block ads from your blog & use your blog without letting you earn the advertisement revenue.

If you’re not implementing any Ad Blocker Detector on your blog to force users to unblock an ad blocker before exploring your blog then you’re losing most of your revenue right on the table. And even Google has officially launched an Ad Blocker feature in Chrome Browser that lets everyone block certain ads while browsing the web.

Instead of using any third-party sites & WordPress plugins to add Anti-Ad-Blocker & Detector to a blog, MyThemeShop AdSense theme comes with built-in AD Blocker Detector that lets you fully monetize your blog & block users that use Ad Blockers from browsing & surfing your website & blog.

  • Fully Responsive & Professional Looking

The thing that I liked the most about this theme is that the look of this theme is also very fantastic that makes it super amazing & friendly. It is responsive & supported by almost all browsers & its versions. There is nothing to be worried about the responsiveness of this theme.

It comes with all the Clean-Coding & Responsiveness that you might have seen in other MyThemeShop themes.

  • In-Depth Customization

All of the MyThemeShop themes come with in-depth front-end & back-end customization that makes it super easier for you to customize & make the look of your blog according to your needs. Ad Management is also super easy to place ads in multiple places & just by pasting the codes into the Ad spaces.

  • Multiple Layouts & Theme Styles

MyThemeShop AdSense theme comes with many pre-defined layouts & theme styles that let you easily make multiple niches using the same theme such as you can make a Fashion blog, Making Money blog, WooCommerce blog and much more.

MyThemeShop AdSense Theme Coupon Code

Along with the AdSense Theme Review, I have brought forth for you a discount coupon code you can use to get a whooping discount on the AdSense theme and get it for $19 only. (Make sure that you use our deal link and use the coupon code. Also, this offer is available for a limited days only. So act before it gets expired!)

Coupon Code: US2017

If the above coupon is not working then that means it is expired or the time is gone for it. Here’s another coupon you can use to get discount on the theme.

Coupon Code: LimitedTime

Final Words ⇒

AdSense is the best theme that I have ever used on few of my blogs. I’d suggest you leave your reviews & opinions about the theme below in the comment section & also share any coupon if it’s working for the theme right at the time.